The alustand product is made to accommodate most types of paper, including very thin paper. It can be used to display a double-sided poster, without any additional accessory. We can produce large quantities within tight schedules due to our efficient technical mounting staff and flexible timetable.
We can ship your order anywhere in the Middle East and Europe within very short period, usually 48 hours or less ( depending on the quantity ).


Creative Solutions



Floor Standing



Technical Specification

Different Springs Strengths

Soft spring (default)

Maximum dimension suggested: 70 x 100 cm
Characteristics: medium tension on posters, easy installation, ideal for small and medium formats.

Heavy-duty spring

Maximum dimension suggested: 100 x 200 cm
Characteristics: conceived to offer better tension for large format posters and heavier paper types (vinyl, laminated, etc.)
Our tips: ask for heavy-duty springs in the case of large formats or two-sided posters (which tend to be heavier and require more tension). Installation is a little more difficult with heavy-duty springs.


Available Colors

color frames Colors of square frames

Standard colors (in stock): natural silver, white, blue, green, black, red and yellow.
Custom-made: every Pantone color possible for large orders.

Colors for round frames

Standard colors (in stock): natural silver.
Custom-made: every Pantone color possible for large orders


Travel Pack

Lightly weighted and compact.
Accommodates 3 displays in one luxury bag.
Total weight: 9,5 KG.
Economical packaging:
Minimum quantity required: 10 frames.
Characteristics: aluminum tubes are packaged all together. The
plastic corners are packaged together in a sack.
Benefits: economically wise. Ideal for sending all frames to one
address, if they are to be installed by a single person.