Modular Display

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The average frame weighs 300 g (packaging included).
Theirefore major savings are made in shipping costs.

Easy assembly

The frames can be easily assembled in less than one
minute without any tool or professional help (avoiding
unnecessary installation fees).

Savings on poster material

The Alustand product is made to accommodate most
types of paper, including very thin paper (reducing
printing costs).


All accessories required for the poster display are user
friendly . Whether you want your message displayed
in a window, on a counter, on a wall or suspended, a
specific accessory is available.



Alustand frames can be used to display a double-sided
poster, without any additional accessory.

Fast production

We can produce large quantities within tight schedules
due to our efficient technical and mounting staff and
flexible timetable.

Fast shipping

We can ship your order anywhere in the Middle East
and Europe within very short periods, usually 48 hours
or less (depending on the quantity).

Custom-made Projects

Fast and simple process:
- Provide us with information concerning the project.
- Designed products are sketched and sent by mail for
approval prior to production.
- Production process starts upon client’s approval.


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