We can produce stand personalized in consistency with your image.

Our design department to its conception tools and to its CAO/DAO Drawers. Virtual 3D’s pictures will allow you to visualize the final aspect of your stand.

Our fiter team will finalize this project. Building your stand as well as concretizing your ideas that is our purpose in order to offer a stand which is the material representation of your communication


Wood manufacturing:

We have a specialized team for all kinds of wood works.from small Displays to exhibition Displays, and Signs wood Displays.

We have router machine to produce any shape.


We can laminated all kind of paper and adhesive Vinyl papers, foam Boards wood and Plexi glass.


Engraving and cutting

We have a router and Laser machine; we can cut any shape or engraving woods, PVC, Foam board , Plexiglass and Alucobond.



Plexi Displays

We can produced Acrylic (Plexiglass) Display. We are equipped with binding and cutting machines.