Design solutions beyond imagination
Welcome to the new venture of the deco side of our solutions.
We know that the best part of styling a space is decor. Whether it’s for your office, home or maybe you’re venturing into opening a business or Coffee Shop – we got you covered.
Style your spaces with Wall Frames, Wallpaper, Blackboard and Whiteboard designs to fit your concept in a modern way.


Frames create depth and character in spaces – Our frames are derived from our very own Alustand. An easy applicable solution to creating any look you want.
We have solutions that enable you to print on canvases of all sizes. Shop your standard sizes and get your prints for free.


Create beautiful conceptual spaces with exquisite wallpaper. If you have a business or re-decorating a room or even a complete overhaul of your house – get in touch with us and get your wallpaper up in no time.


& Whiteboard

Creative functional trends start here!
Blackboards create a combination of rustic and playful mood to any space. You can now cover walls in your stores, homes and offices for a more practical and well-designed look & feel.

Furniture Restoration

Re-usable Vinyl
Have you ever loved a piece of furniture too much to throw away?
Restore it in the most attractive way. We restore and style all pieces of furniture with re-usable vinyl, which gives you the flexibility to remove and re-apply it at any time, over and over again.