Modular Display

modular display solution

If you have an idea of what you’re looking for, let us know by submitting your visuals and see how your stand will look like, click HERE to know more.

This is a fully customizable product that comes with your printed material that could then be easily replaced by printing others. All accessories are included in all orders.

The Alustand is the ultimate display solution ranging from a single stand to branding large-scale trade show spaces.

Display solutions made easy with our new product ‘Alustand’. Perfect for all kinds of exhibition and pop up set ups designed to engage your target audience and customers. Replace your roll up banner using this product’s versatile usages, given that each frame can be easily assembled in less than one minute. The Alustand comes in many shapes and forms including wall displays, stands and even just as frames. It holds very thin paper and the fact that it has double-sided visual effect with no hassle, just might be the design product you are looking for. It comes in a light-weighted elegant travel pack that could go anywhere with you.

modular display simulation
modular displays

Exhibition Stands

Bring your vision to life using the finest materials including wood, PVC, plastic and acrylic (plexiglass). Your display will not only reflect the identity of your company but also gives you a chance to stand out !  Let us know what you’re looking for and we will be on site designing your space to grab the attention of your target audience. Maximize your visibility in the most stylish way.

exhibition stands displays


promo stands promoters

Promoters never go out of style ! They are the perfect way to get creative and most importantly they bring out the fun in promoting your brand to your customers.  See your wildest creations come to life using our round or rectangular promo stands.

promotion stands in-store

Flags & Banners

flags and banners

Thinking outdoor events? There are several types of flags and banners that could be stacked along your area to promote your area and get your brand to stand out of the crowd.